Eco-friendly dinner ware made from rice husk

13 07 2010

Yes… the husk/hull from the rice industry that is traditionally burnt as it nests pests such as snakes and rats, finally have a use aligned with biodiversity. The husk is re-purposed into dinner service for kids and adults. Not only are you eating your dinner from a melamine free dinner service – you are also assisting the environment in decreasing CO2 emission. (the husk/hull is traditionally burnt to eliminate the pest problem).

What are the benefits of rice husk over melamine:

a. we read about the melamine scare in China but we have no connection with the intake of melamine into our own bodies when we sit in a food court or restaurant and we eat a lovely hot dish served to us straight from a microwave in a melamine food container.  We are taking in melamine!

b. Innovasians Rice husk has NO melamine

c. Rice husk from Innnovasians is stable at -30 deg C to +120 Deg C

d. Innovasians rice husk can be microwaved and is also diswasher safe.

Change to this product NOW – if you care about your health at all.

Contact us today – if you are serving food to your customers and you care about the environment and their safety.

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Solar Power, Taking Over?

16 03 2010

one day…

The surface of the earth receive roughly 10 000 times the world energy demand. Of course it is not always sunny, but Solar Panels can store the energy. This way we will be able to answer to the demand of energy of everybody, without injuring the planet. All of this has been possible, because of the price which has been going down every single day since decade.

This kind of energy is pretty convenient, but takes a lot of spaces. It will be possible to install Solar Panels on roof top and some other place. We really need to find a solution and Solar Panels could be a really good way to protect our planet.

Engaging Biodiversity


11 03 2010

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is back

Few month ago Yann Arthus-Bertrand have released his new movies which was called “HOME“. The main goal of this movie was

to show to people that our earth is in very bad shape. But Yann Arthus-Bertrand want that everybody take a look at his movie in order to sensitize maximum of people, So his movie was totally free and viewable on internet.

The media speak a lot about his movie, and everybody have tried to watch it. But his action don’t stop here. he has created the association GoodPlanet. And he has a project to go to every school in France, and try to sensitize the students to the global warming and his effects. YAB is particularly engage into biodiversity, by his photography, his movie and his association.

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