The Blow Sofa by Malafor

22 03 2010

Sofa and Eco-friendly…

As i was saying in the previous post, about Furnitures made out from cardboard, furniture are getting eco-friendly. it’s a fact and now it’s becoming a trend. The design is very simple you’ve got nothing more than a Sofa.

This Sofa has been made by Malafor a designer who’s got a lot of idea as you can see, and some brilliant one.

I hope you will enjoy his work, Engaging Biodiversity


Pepsi and Biodiversity

19 03 2010

Refresh project

Pepsi have finished his new campaign which is called Pepsi refresh project. you can go check on the website what it’s about.

Actually their project is very interesting. They want people whose got a project (concerning the planet of course) to submit their idea to people. After people are voting, and the project which has been the favorites of the web users will be rewarded.

This is a very good way to promote their brand and also to make our planet a better place.

Engaging biodiversity

Solar Power, Taking Over?

16 03 2010

one day…

The surface of the earth receive roughly 10 000 times the world energy demand. Of course it is not always sunny, but Solar Panels can store the energy. This way we will be able to answer to the demand of energy of everybody, without injuring the planet. All of this has been possible, because of the price which has been going down every single day since decade.

This kind of energy is pretty convenient, but takes a lot of spaces. It will be possible to install Solar Panels on roof top and some other place. We really need to find a solution and Solar Panels could be a really good way to protect our planet.

Engaging Biodiversity

Time 2 Relax

14 03 2010

Meet your new best friend : your watch

This watch is pretty special, in fact it will tell you when you are stressful or when you’re zen. you’ve got a little screen on it, when the color of the screen is red or getting red, you’re stressful and you need to be a bit more peaceful in your mind. but when the color of the screen is green, it simply means that you’re calm, zen and peaceful.

This watch analyze your heartbeat. when it detect a sudden rise of your heartbeat it will turn the color of the screen to red. It’s the main specification of this watch and this is what makes it so special.

Of course such as every watches, it also tells time without any problem.

This watch is called “Stresswatch” and the design has been made by Michael Mathis and Gerda Hopfgartner

Engaging biodiversity

Seat IBe Concept

13 03 2010

100% electrical as usual

Yes a new 100% electric car has been presented during the Geneva 2010 motor show. this Seat has got 100 horsepower and goes

from 0 to 100 Km/h in 9,3 sec which is better than the Prius with his Hybride motor.

So as you can see every manufactories is trying to find a way to release Eco-friendly cars in order not to be late on the market, and also to follow the trend of eco-friendly cars.

I hope you will enjoy the design which is particularly futuristic but pretty good;

engaging biodiversity

Switch on? maybe later…

9 03 2010

What a strange question…

But maybe in few years you will have to ask you this one. A french designer called “Josselin Zaïouche” have created a very strange switch. Each time you switch on the light you’ll get hurt as bad  as the planet will be. Of course this is only a prototype and there is no chances that it will ever be produce. but it’s a good way to remember that switching the light indeed a consumption of electricity. Moreover a lot of people let the light switch on during the day, which is actually a total waste of energy. this concept might awake some conscious

Citroën Survolt Concept

8 03 2010

Totally electrical with a unbelievable design

Citroën have been hardly working on his image since few month. and now we can see the progress.

the Survolt is a brand new car, which is totally electrical. even if it’s just a concept you can see that the R&D department of Citroën have done a great job. the design is inspired by

an older concept car “the revolt” which have been release in 2009. automobile manufactories have beeen very prolific since few years, and big french brand such as Peugeot or Citroën are trying to deal with the new era of electrical cars, and they do it in the  smartest way.

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