Sustainability: Meeting or exceeding the economic, environmental and social needs of the present without sacrificing the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability has become a wide-ranging term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on Earth, from local to a global scale and over various time periods. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. Invisible chemical cycles redistribute water, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon through the world’s living and non-living systems, and have sustained life for millions of years. As the earth’s human population has increased, natural ecosystems have declined and changes in the balance of natural cycles has had a negative impact on both humans and other living systems


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3 01 2011
12 03 2012
China Water Risk

Dear Innovasians,

Thank you for taking interest in water in China! We would appreciate it if you could change the link to the Ecopoint website to ours: http://chinawaterrisk.org/resources/analysis-reviews/8-things-you-should-know-about-hong-kong-water/

The article “8 Things You Should Know About Hong Kong Water” is proprietary to China Water Risk and we have only allowed Ecopoint to publish an excerpt.

As you know, we are a non-profit initiative and our objective is to raise awareness of water risks arising from China’s urgent water crisis, can you help us by placing a description of our work and website on your blog should your readers want to find out more about water risks in China ?

Thank you!
China Water RIsk

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