HangerPack, Two in one

19 03 2010

Why throwing away, when you can keep stuff?

Basically this is a packaging, but if you have a more intense look on this packaging you can see that it can be transformed into a hanger. Clever!

In fact it’s a very good idea taking basic objects and make them useful after they have been used. The other creators should think about it. Because it’s a very good thing if you consider yourself as an Eco-friendly, but companies also need to be Eco-friendly.

In fact companies are the one who pollute the most, so they really need to engage biodiversity, and this is what have been done with the HangerPack

Engaging biodiversity


Waiting for the Sun

15 03 2010

Fashionable Sunglass

This is a new release of eco-sunglass which are made out of teawood (a renewable substance), this way you can protect your eyes from the sun and also protect the planet against pollution. moreover the teawood has different aspect, depending on the natural veins of the wood, this way you will get a unique one-of-a-kind item.

This is the first post, which mix fashion and eco-friendly product. But actually it’s the new trend for eco-friendly product, Guess has also release some brand new watch with bamboo on it. so we are finally getting at a brand new way to sew fashion product.

engaging biodiversity

Time 2 Relax

14 03 2010

Meet your new best friend : your watch

This watch is pretty special, in fact it will tell you when you are stressful or when you’re zen. you’ve got a little screen on it, when the color of the screen is red or getting red, you’re stressful and you need to be a bit more peaceful in your mind. but when the color of the screen is green, it simply means that you’re calm, zen and peaceful.

This watch analyze your heartbeat. when it detect a sudden rise of your heartbeat it will turn the color of the screen to red. It’s the main specification of this watch and this is what makes it so special.

Of course such as every watches, it also tells time without any problem.

This watch is called “Stresswatch” and the design has been made by Michael Mathis and Gerda Hopfgartner

Engaging biodiversity

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