Seat IBe Concept

13 03 2010

100% electrical as usual

Yes a new 100% electric car has been presented during the Geneva 2010 motor show. this Seat has got 100 horsepower and goes

from 0 to 100 Km/h in 9,3 sec which is better than the Prius with his Hybride motor.

So as you can see every manufactories is trying to find a way to release Eco-friendly cars in order not to be late on the market, and also to follow the trend of eco-friendly cars.

I hope you will enjoy the design which is particularly futuristic but pretty good;

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Citroën Survolt Concept

8 03 2010

Totally electrical with a unbelievable design

Citroën have been hardly working on his image since few month. and now we can see the progress.

the Survolt is a brand new car, which is totally electrical. even if it’s just a concept you can see that the R&D department of Citroën have done a great job. the design is inspired by

an older concept car “the revolt” which have been release in 2009. automobile manufactories have beeen very prolific since few years, and big french brand such as Peugeot or Citroën are trying to deal with the new era of electrical cars, and they do it in the  smartest way.

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