The Blow Sofa by Malafor

22 03 2010

Sofa and Eco-friendly…

As i was saying in the previous post, about Furnitures made out from cardboard, furniture are getting eco-friendly. it’s a fact and now it’s becoming a trend. The design is very simple you’ve got nothing more than a Sofa.

This Sofa has been made by Malafor a designer who’s got a lot of idea as you can see, and some brilliant one.

I hope you will enjoy his work, Engaging Biodiversity


Furnitures in Cardboard

22 03 2010

New trend.

This is a new trend, people as i was saying in the previous post, are being aware of what’s happening to our planet. So they want to participate into this big adventure that we usually call “sustainable development”.

Lazerian Studio has decided to act now, by created furniture made out of Cardboard. And the design is awesome. it’s beautiful, simple and of course Eco-friendly

Engaging Biodiversity


22 03 2010

Being Eco-friendly has never been so funny

So today, we are going to see a bag, the Eco Warrior Bag. So this bag is Eco-Friendly because of the raw materials that have been using during his production. Moreover you’ve got some wrestling mask which are printed into these bags. And this is what makes this bags so special.

I like this idea so much, making an eco-friendly product into a funny one, after been using. Being Eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you need to be sad and have bad-design product.

I hope manufactories will be inspired by this product, and we might see similar products in few month

Engaging Biodiversity

321 Water

18 03 2010

Save the bottles

This is a new bottles of water, which has a plunger mechanism with a built-in filter is able to filtered your water. This way you will always have fresh and clean water not far from you. Of course if you buy this bottle you are concerned about the environment. In fact you will save so many energy, by reducing your consumption of plastic bottle to one.

These kind of bottle, are getting pretty well-know in many different countries. Women use a lot of Plastic bottle in their everyday life, it might be a solution for them, to change their habits and finally engaging biodiversity

Waiting for the Sun

15 03 2010

Fashionable Sunglass

This is a new release of eco-sunglass which are made out of teawood (a renewable substance), this way you can protect your eyes from the sun and also protect the planet against pollution. moreover the teawood has different aspect, depending on the natural veins of the wood, this way you will get a unique one-of-a-kind item.

This is the first post, which mix fashion and eco-friendly product. But actually it’s the new trend for eco-friendly product, Guess has also release some brand new watch with bamboo on it. so we are finally getting at a brand new way to sew fashion product.

engaging biodiversity

Seat IBe Concept

13 03 2010

100% electrical as usual

Yes a new 100% electric car has been presented during the Geneva 2010 motor show. this Seat has got 100 horsepower and goes

from 0 to 100 Km/h in 9,3 sec which is better than the Prius with his Hybride motor.

So as you can see every manufactories is trying to find a way to release Eco-friendly cars in order not to be late on the market, and also to follow the trend of eco-friendly cars.

I hope you will enjoy the design which is particularly futuristic but pretty good;

engaging biodiversity

Flower Power

12 03 2010

What if…

Today I decided to introduce you a flowerpot which is called the EYE. This one isn’t a normal flowerpot, for only one reason: you can see the root of the flower.

As you can see the design is awesome, but you also got educational interest. Because you can show to your kids or maybe if you are a teacher to your students. Of course, this is not particularly eco-friendly, but it’s a good way to sensitize the kids and show them than our planet is something beautiful.

the designer which is responsible for this awesome design is Olga Kalugina. Acting green is not only buying eco-friendly product, you also need to show to people what we are going to loose if we don’t act now.

engaging biodiversity

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