Eco-friendly dinner ware made from rice husk

13 07 2010

Yes… the husk/hull from the rice industry that is traditionally burnt as it nests pests such as snakes and rats, finally have a use aligned with biodiversity. The husk is re-purposed into dinner service for kids and adults. Not only are you eating your dinner from a melamine free dinner service – you are also assisting the environment in decreasing CO2 emission. (the husk/hull is traditionally burnt to eliminate the pest problem).

What are the benefits of rice husk over melamine:

a. we read about the melamine scare in China but we have no connection with the intake of melamine into our own bodies when we sit in a food court or restaurant and we eat a lovely hot dish served to us straight from a microwave in a melamine food container.  We are taking in melamine!

b. Innovasians Rice husk has NO melamine

c. Rice husk from Innnovasians is stable at -30 deg C to +120 Deg C

d. Innovasians rice husk can be microwaved and is also diswasher safe.

Change to this product NOW – if you care about your health at all.

Contact us today – if you are serving food to your customers and you care about the environment and their safety.

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Innovasians participate at Shangri La Annual GM Conference

4 04 2010

Innovasians was the only exhibitor at the annual 2-day Conference of the General managers of the Shangri La Hotels and Resorts in Shangri LKa Futian on March 24. The exhibition was a display of eco alternatives for the Shangri La Group. Innovasians currently supply melemine free dinner service to the Shangri La Group for staff canteens in the Group.

eco products as alternatives for the hospitality industry

eco products as alternatives for the hospitality industry

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