Are we moving forwards or backwards…?

6 09 2014

The shocking report in the SCMP today that ‘Gutter Oil’ is in the human food chain is just to awful to imagine. …..

We realise the reality (like an ice bucket poured over our heads) that if Maxims (  is withdrawing some cakes due to possible tainted lard from the same source …. we may have already ingested some of this horrid cooking oil and lard in some form. The real estate in HK is constantly testing the profitability and sourcing of produce to make a living.

A few weeks ago we had the tainted/rotten chicken from McDonalds Hong Kong ( and there was denial and then the mysterious appearance of hundreds of boxes of rotten meat in landfill in Hong Kong.

For the health and safety of the human food intake, one needs to look at where this is going wrong?

The appearance of horse meat in the human meat supply chain was a factor we dealt with as well. where is all this leading to?




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