Personal re-usable BPA-free straws ………………with style!

20 05 2014



A new sustainable product has hit the fashion scene ……..please see EnvyTM Has Turned The Ordinary Drinking Straw Into An Accessory!

Over 500 MILLION Disposable Straws Are Used In The U.S. Everyday!- and probably at least 10 million in Hong Kong

Stop the insanity… but look good doing it…………………………………………..

Let’s stop littering while:

  1. looking good sipping through a straw
  2. Use for Hot or Cold Drinks
  3. Helps keep teeth white – dentist approved
  4. Good for the planet – eliminates disposable straws
  5. Make your friends envious because you now sip with style

Reusable – Safe for Hot Drinks, BPA Free – Stylish Carrying Case – Dentist Approved – FDA Approved

Customization is possible – your own colours and your own ‘bling – bling’

This will help coastal Clean-up in Hong Kong to at least start reducing disposal of straws in HK. Somewhere to start …..

500 million plastic straws are disposed of in the US only every DAY!

• With this new fashionable reusable straw—teeth stays white (as coffee or red-wine known to stain teeth is deposited behind front teeth) while at the same time saving the environment from millions of disposable straws
• Product comes in a 2-pack
• Optional choice of one flat and fits in the conventional slot in take-away coffee cup lids
• Customization available

available in Hong Kong NOW! contact Innovasians ( at 34283102/3 or e-mail us at . We supply B2B or B2C.





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