Why ? Why some much plastic still at events Hong Kong……..?

5 12 2013

Great morning today as near 600 entrepreneurs and venture capitalists… arrived at Tamar site for the finals of the Start me up Hong Kong first finalists of the program to attract innovation to Hong Kong and to stimulate Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. Great pitches and congratulations to the 3 winners. As the @sustaintologist in Hong Kong I have to express frustration that we talk about positive change yet we just cannot follow through!

The disappointing part is the lunch for each delegate is packed in 3 plastic containers and the ‘goodie bag’ is the same poly propylene that we see at the Messe Frankfurt and the HKTDC and the Eco Asia Expo’s in Hong Kong  – yet we are concerned and we express concern about the landfill ‘situation’ and the refuse “situation’ and the pollution situation ……….and nothing happens..

We talk and we talk and we meet at FoE and Greendrinks and Sipped In and and and ……………. and we still “swim” in plastic and styrofoam daily.

Once a year we have a great drive from Ecozine backed by Nikon and National Geographic etc etc and we clean up the city and the beaches and we do a great job. We even have a celebrity in Hong Kong backing this.

Why Hong Kong…….. Why? Can we not walk our talk? The event today at is not “alone”. I attended recently the Eco Asia Expo in Asia World Expo. Entering the Eco Asia Expo there are HUGE signage posted about How Environmentally friendly the Asiaworld Complex is yet the Eco Asia Expo hosted by the Asiaworld complex allow Eco Asia Expo to have PLASTIC lunchboxes in the halls for the vendors to serve the attendees of the fairs. Do not get me wrong here, we need to serve lunch. But why can we not stop the plastic? Only changing our behaviour i.e. stop using plastic is going to support a cleaner Hong Kong, less pollution on beaches (we may not need a Ecozine  Clean-Up Hong Kong annually), less landfill, less need for a INCINERATOR !!! and healthier people in Hong Kong!! 1+1=2 Hong Kong. We have to start somewhere to make Hong Kong a better and healthier place!

Imagine walking into the fast food chains in Hong Kong and asking for a different packaging? It is just like asking for a ceramic cup or mug in Starbucks rather than a paper cup. It is not hard. Changing from a paper cup to a mug in Starbucks was a great change! That is how easy change is.

Daily we read about the plastic in the landfills seeping all kinds of ‘toxic stuff’ that is associated with cancers into the water table and daily we read about more diseases associated with plastic. In Hong Kong specifically we have more than 2 million polystyrene lunch boxes being sent to landfill every single day. I have seen a staff member put the polystyrene/styrofoam lunchbox in a microwave and I have seen how the fried rice meal is migrated into the styrofoam in the bottom of the lunchbox. Do you know how bad that is for your health?

Do you know how bad plastic is for your health and what it does to your food you take in? Please  see http://www.care2.com/greenliving/is-there-plastic-in-my-food.html and http://www.wisegeekhealth.com/are-plastic-bottles-really-hazardous-to-my-health.htm

Hong Kong – we can do better ……

Please remember to contact http://www.innovasians.com or info@innovasians.com for turnkey solutions on getting plastic out of Hong Kong and our life and our landfill – we can do it! Let’s walk our talk!




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