Coca-Cola rewards customers that pledge to recycle

7 10 2013


Published August 13, 2013
Coca-cola camera

Coca-Cola Enterprises will launch a fresh campaign this week designed to help boost theU.K.’s recycling rates by offering discounts to families who reuse or recycle their plastic bottles.

The “Don’t Waste. Create” campaign will be launched Wednesday, asking customers to submit recycling pledges to receive a 50 pence (77 cents) voucher off their next purchase of Coca-Cola bottled drinks, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Dr Pepper.

The campaign website also will suggest ways of reusing old plastic bottles, such as turning them into bird feeders or self-watering plant pots, in a bid to raise awareness of plastic waste and keep children occupied during the summer holidays.

“By asking [customers] to reuse and then recycle plastic bottles, ‘Don’t Waste. Create’ encourages families to think more sustainably while having fun, giving them a tangible way to help reduce their household waste,” said Nick Brown, associate director for recycling at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Coca-Cola is keen to increase recycling rates to help feed the plastic bottle recycling plant that it co-owns with ECO Plastics in Hemswell.

The plant has allowed Coca-Cola to meet its target to include at least 25 percent recycled plastic in everybottle it produces, and the company is now aiming to further increase the proportion of recycled material.

This article originally appeared on BusinessGreen and is reprinted with permission.
Coca-Cola camera image by Ian Muttoo via Flickr



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