Let’s make plastic less harmful to us and the environment…?

1 10 2013
Plastic plays a huge role in the society we live in today. So much so, that society has become dependent on plastics. Being that plastics’ versatility allows it to be used in everything, it is essential that we assure that these resources will be available in the future. With that in mind, we also have to take into consideration the effects plastic has on our environment. So how do we find a way to keep plastic around forever but make sure that we are not affecting the environment by doing so? The solution lies with the latest green technology which allows plastic to Biodegrade anaerobically – that means even in landfill! Innovasians Ltd apply this cutting edge technology on request to OEM and ODM production. The Lan Kwai Fong Group as well as selected ESF Schools in Hong Kong are 2 clients of Innovasians Ltd who have taken the step to purchase this technology at a small pemium. Both clients are purchasing black garbags bags replacing regular garbage bags. So what good is that? The garbage bags will biodegrade in 18 months in landfill vs regular garbage bags that will be in landfill for 400 years and seep toxicity into the water table and the soil. Congratulations ESF Schools and LKF for caring about Hong Kong and your Environmental footprint
The Simple Environmental Solution:
The additive (Ecopure) also consists of features that make it possible for plastics to continue to be recyclable, and re-useable. Instead of taking centuries, with EcoPure, plastics will turn into biomass (rich soil) as well as biogas (CO2). EcoPure can also be used in other products such as ARS, SAN, Nylon, Polyester, and Rubber as well as HDPE, LDPE, PET, PS and more. Adding this organic plastic additive will enhance the biodegradation process of plastic as well as not have any physical effects on the properties of plastic. EcoPure has also been tested to withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.


How it works:
EcoPure is added to the plastics during the melting phase. This will expand the molecular structure of the plastic, scissoring the polymer chain and adding nutrients and other compounds, which weaken the polymer chain. This allows microbial action to colonize in and around the plastic. These microbes secrete acids which enzymes break down the entire polymer chain. EcoPure will give you a biodegradable end product that will have an indefinite life until it is placed into an active microbial environment. The degradation process is started when the plastic is added into the landfill and the microbes will then colonize on the surface and begin to digest and break down the plastic.
The EcoPure Way:
When EcoPure has been added to plastics, 80 Million pounds of landfill space can be saved over an 8 year period  That is over 2150 garbage trucks of trash. In one year, EcoPure has been able to save over 500 garbage trucks so far in the US. EcoPure helps to make plastic safe and non-toxic.  Implementing this new technology to plastics and other materials, we can create an eco-footprint/reduced environmental footprint that will help to save our environment now and help us continue to keep it safer (toxin free) for generations to come. At InnovAsians we aim at reducing the exact toxicity by removing harmful polystyrene/Styrofoam as well as PET and plastic from your daily ‘diet’ or harmful textile components and coatings on fabrics that you are not even aware about that could  lead to terminal illness and death. In Hong KOng alone more than 2 million Polystyrene/Styrofoam lunch boxes go to land fill EVERY DAY. These could be totally harmless if these contained Ecopure. For more information about EcoPure please visit us at http://www.innovasians.com/ and contact us at info@innovasians.com.

To reduce the environmental impact of yourself or your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.




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