Green Map Arrived in Hong Kong – Please look for Innovasians Limited on Green Map

6 08 2013


Open Green Map Logo

Open Green Map, a New Way to Experience the World

Promoting local green living, nature and culture since 1995, Green Map® System has empowered a diverse locally-led mapmaking movement that has spread to more than 850 cities, towns and villages in 65 countries. Committed to engaging communities and individuals in charting a sustainable future, the New York City-based non-profit organization has launched the participatory Open Green Map, its most powerful online tool to date., is a social mapping platform making a vast array of carefully researched sustainability sites, routes and resources charted by local Green Mapmakers instantly accessible. Moreover, it invites public sharing of insights, images and impact assessments for each green living site, social innovation, natural, cultural or civic resource on the map. Open Green Map merges familiar Google Map technology with globally recognized Green Map Icons and local knowledge to energize the booming ‘go local’, ecotourism, green jobs and social justice movements worldwide. Each Open Green Map encourages exploration and action, builds skills and networks, expedites the transfer of model initiatives and gives all users a more powerful voice in promoting sustainable futures.


The Green Map Hong Kong project is part of this global collective and is being undertaken by locally registered Society for Sustainability which aims to undertake a series of activities with participation from schools throughout Hong Kong over a 3-4 month period in partnership with SCMP Young Post publication towards the end of 2013.


“We will broadly populate the Green Map Hong Kong with a rich array of resources for public use with a print edition in English and Chinese as well as the interactive Open Green Map on the web” says David Tarrant, Executive Director at Society for Sustainability and project leader for Green Map Hong Kong. But you don’t have to wait, visit Green Map Hong Kong at


Open Green Maps can already be explored in multiple websites and blogs, and enhanced with public commentary. Green Map System has an app for the iPhone which can be downloaded from iTunes and we plan an android app in the not too distant future. This app allows the rich array of Open Green Mapped sites to be accessible on the go.


Think Global, Map Local! . . . Think Global, Map Social!


You can contact us through email to, or visit us on our Facebook page


“We are proud to be a part of the award-winning Green Map movement. We invite you to enrich the world and envision the future with the Open Green Map”.




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