A Green Kind of Lifestyle

19 07 2013

greenAs we know, global warming is an uprising worldwide issue that can cause immeasurable destruction to mankind and the Earth. Environmentalists are encouraging corporations and companies to go green and this does not exclude the hotel industry. Being that the hotel industry is so massive, the amount of resources they use and throw away can greatly affect our environment. An average hotel consumes the same amount of resources in a week that a family does in one year. Because hotels require cleanliness to keep up with guests requests and demands, the amount of products they use on a daily basis, have become a major problem when it comes to disposal. Hotels are helping to contribute the amount of waste we find in landfills today. So how do we fix this problem? Have hotels convert to a green lifestyle of course!

Why a Green Hotel?

There are many reasons why a hotel should want to go green. Not only does becoming an eco-friendly hotel benefit the environment, but it benefits the hotel as well. People have started to realize what we have being to our environment with waste. When a hotel goes green, this draws in all kinds of attention. Not only will you keep your current customers coming back, you will also draw in new ones. Being an eco-friendly hotel will also change the perception of your hotel. You will not just be seen as a hotel, but a hotel that is trying to make a change and is giving back.

How to go Green

go green

 There are plenty of steps a hotel can take to help the environment, and they can be broken down into three main types: conserving energy, conserving water and reducing waste. Here are the most important:

Reducing waste

§ Sourcing furniture made from reclaimed wood and donating old furniture to charity

§ Placing recycling bins in guest bedrooms

§ Recycling everything that can be recycled (e.g. converting food waste into fertiliser)

§ Replacing mini bottles of shampoo and shower gel with larger dispensers to reduce packaging

Saving water

§ Collecting rain water in buckets which can be used to water plants around the hotel

§ Only serving drinking water at the request of guests

§ Low-flow toilets and shower heads

Saving energy

§ Installing solar panels to heat water used in bathrooms and swimming pools

§ Replacing old electrical appliances like dishwashers, microwaves and washing machines with newer energy-efficient ones

§ Using hybrid vehicles to transport guests to and from the airport

§ Offering bike hire to save using motorised transport

§ Replacing traditional light bulbs with halogen or LED ones

§ Sourcing local produce to reduce food miles

§ Installing timers and motion sensors on lighting in hallways

§ Washing linen on colder, more economical cycles

At InnovAsians, we are constantly striving to find the best green alternatives to help save our environment. We want to help make way for a cleaner future. For more information about going green visit us at http://www.innovasians.com or write to us at info@innovasians.com.

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