The Scary Reality of BPA!!

11 07 2013


There is no doubt about it, we live in a plastic world. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we use plastics at least once a day. Plastic is in abundance all around the world but have you ever stopped and thought about what is in the plastic you are using and what it could be doing to your health?

Bisphenol A or BPA is a harmful chemical found in almost everything plastic. BPA is in more products than one could imagine. It is produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of poly-carbonate plastics and epoxy resins. It is in obvious things such as paint but it is also in the less obvious things such as water bottles and even baby bottles.  It is also found in food storage containers as well as canned foods. By microwaving plastics, eating canned foods, and storing food in plastic containers you are exposing yourself to the harmful effects of BPA. BPA is a huge concern to the health of not only adults, but babies and small children. BPA has been known to cause serious health problems such as immune system effects, cancer, neurobehavioral problems and much more. These health problems come as concern to everyone at any age but have shown greater affect in babies. It is because babies are smaller than adults and the concentrated amount of toxins they take in is much greater than adults. Babies also cannot metabolize these chemicals like adults causing BPA to have a more powerful effect on their health. At InnovAsians, we do our best to provide a safe alternative from BPA for all of our products. For more information on BPA and the harmful effects it has on our health please visit us at or contact us at




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