Can Your Apparel Really Be Contributing to Global Warming? Let’s Find Out!!

10 07 2013


In today’s society, there is a growing concern for how products are made and the damage that it is contributing to our environment. The synthetic fabrics, plastics, and harmful chemicals that are found in the apparel and accessories we buy and wear on a daily basis, has been a factor that could be greatly affecting the global warming issues that we see all over the world today. As global warming continues to worsen, more and more people are becoming conscientious of what our society is doing to our environment and want a change. So what changes can we make our way towards a safer and cleaner environment? PUMA and their new line of apparel and accessories may be the answer!

How PUMA Has Made a Change:

In February of this year, PUMA pushed for a new line of recyclable and biodegradable products called InCycle. The InCycle line consists of apparel, footwear, and accessories made out of materials that can be broken down by microorganisms into biological nutrients. With this new line, PUMA took on the challenge of creating their products with a cradle to cradle mentality, meaning that the raw materials and organic fibers are without toxic materials and they will compost products to minimize their environmental impact. The recyclable products that are being created in this new line are made with metals, textiles, and plastics that can be reused to make other products.

How These Products Are Different:

PUMA is striving to make a change in our environment with their InCycle clothing line. Some of these new products consist of Basket Tees and Basket Lifestyle Sneakers which are made of organic cotton and linen. The sole of the sneakers are also made of biodegradable plastic APINATBIO, which is a material that can be shredded into its component materials before being composted. Other products in InCycle line are the PUMA backpack and the PUMA track jacket. They both use homogeneous materials to ensure they are 100% recyclable, even the zipper! The truly amazing part is the jacket can be converted back into polyester granulate, which can be used as a secondary raw material for a new product.

puma-3 puma-4


Making a Global Impact:

Along with the innovative new clothing line, PUMA has also created a program that will go hand in hand with the InCycle line called the Bring Me Back Program. The Bring Me Back Program is part of PUMA’s long term goal to develop a closed-cycle loop for the use of raw materials while giving old products a new life in other forms. PUMA has conjoined with I:CO, a global recycling company, and together they will facilitate this new program by recycling or composting products through the use of in-store recycling bins. Customers will then be able to will help to reduce waste and keep discarded products out of the landfill by giving back their unwanted products not only from PUMA but other brands as well. Here at InnovAsians we are continuously striving for the same goal to reduce the harmful chemicals and materials found in textiles and reduce the waste that is increasing in landfills today. For more information on PUMA’s InCycle line please visit us at and contact us at





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