Ecopreneur just 15 years old moves ‘eco mountains’ in Hong Kong

9 05 2013


Innovasians’ youngest client and supporter is just 15 years old!! 15 year old Xarius is an ambassador for reducing environmental footprint / waste in HK!

Xarius came across Innovasians website on the Internet and contacted me to see Innovasians. He has a huge presence and positive energy – he took a lot of notes while going through product after product with eco-technology in Innovasians office.  He selected items and presented this to West Island School and is promoting a decrease in Environmental daily footprint in Hong Kong!  He is finding his own means and ways to speak to the parents and teachers at West Island School by gathering information from the internet and promoting environmental replacements of the products used daily in the school maintenance team and canteen products to reduce the IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND HONG KONG LANDFILL!

What a star he is to see past just carbon footprint and air pollution and actually recognize that waste is what damages our health and our food chain and our agriculture! Proud of you Xarius. I wish there were more ambassadors like you in Hong Kong. We have hope for the future if more 15 year old students follow Xarius.


Xarius Gander, 15, was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He goes to West Island School and is in year 10. He is a school ambassador and helps out on many levels. He is also involved in the student-led ESF Environmental Initiative, and is hoping to kickstart an environmental revolution across the ESF schools in HK.


Xarius is very interested in helping the environment because he believes that it is his generation that needs to help the planet for generations to come. Xarius has been working with Innovasians for the past 2 years, trying to make his school more environmentally friendly. His mission is to make his school use ecologically-friendly and biodegradable products such as: plastic bags, school bags, school uniforms and cutlery for the school canteen. He has currently done some trial runs in his school with D2W plastic bags, which were successfully received. He is proud to be working with Innovasion and hopes that his missions for his school will soon succeed.



Xarius has many hobbies ranging from volleyball and skiing, to football and rugby, but his overall favourite is tennis He plays for his school team and has dreams of playing in Wimbledon along side his idol Roger Federer one day!

Please contact for the contact details of this young ecopreneur (Joke)




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