Innovasians joins forces with new Quantum technology

1 03 2013

Abnormal capillariesNormal capillaries

Picture left is capillaries before exposure to Innovasians quantum energy and right is the same capillaries AFTER exposure to Inno-quantum energy

Quantum energy is a new unique technology radiating energy from textiles and products that contains the quantum energy. There is a lot of quantum on the internet – this one is unique as it encapsulates negative ion technology, far infra-red technology and quantum technology. This is proven and tested by extensive laboratory reports. The company producing quantum energy products with Innovasians Ltd has already 8 patents and 10 additional patents submitted.

The textiles fused with Quantum energy powder naturally radiate quantum energy ® by interacting with the environment. There is an absorption and release of N and O2.

There are many benefits—the radiating energy and the interaction of N and O2 :

  • Increases Body Immunity
  • Promotes Blood circulation
  • Deodorize
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Cures wounds and heals skin—skin cell renewal
  • Controls temperature BOTH hot and cold
  • Absorbs moisture—quick dry

It is proved to improve blood circulation, promoting cells that regulate the immune system and inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells more than germanium.

The health benefits have been clinically tested in hospitals and cancer patients have shown remarkable improvements sleeping on the bedding and wearing the bracelets and products.

Blood circulation is about oxygen circulating in the body and even for a non-believer in the tested and proven quantum aspect—the blood circulation before and after using the products for as little as 2 weeks—makes a marked improvement.

The applications are multiple:

a. bed sheets, pillows and duvets

b. baby bedding pillows and duvets

c. bracelets and necklaces

d. shampoo and conditioners

e. Yoga wear and fitness wear

f. Underwear and socks

g. many many more functional products.

The technology comes from the earth and is 100% natural. This natural technology can be applied to any of the Innovasians green and sustainable products.

Innovasians is looking for distribution partnerships in various Asian countries and USA. Please contact info@innovasians for more information on this unique technology.




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