A BIG thank you!

11 09 2012

Innovasians will not give up on changing the consumption of polystyrene/styrofoam food packaging in Hong Kong.

The latest attempt was to donate 37,000 biodegradable food containers to be used instead of polystyrene / styrofoam

Innovasians would like to tell a big thank you to the organizations: SEED香港有機生活發展基金, Christian Action, Garden House School, Feeding HK and Salvation Army for accepting a donation of over 37,000 wheat straw lunch containers! These containers were made from agricultural waste, and they are 100% biodegradable. Wheat straw can replace polystyrene or any kind of environmentally harmful plastics. Innovasians’ focus on all aspects of sustainability from manufacturing and waste reduction to biodegradable consumables. The organizations, which accepted our donations, also, supported Innovasians in reducing footprint on the environment to alleviate climate change and made a contribution to make Hong Kong a greener place.

A BIG thank you to the 5 NGO’s for participating to have 37,000 less polystyrene/styrofoam containers in Hong Kong landfill!




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