Innovasians’ Premium product selling well in South Africa

18 07 2012

Innovasians is embarking on a premium line of product complementing the OEM range of products they are known for. Innovasians is selling the incredibly well-designed designer range of SPIRIT by famous Danish designer Marcus Vagnby (famous for designing Nuance Lifestyle range) in South Africa. Please contact for more information.

The range is sustainable in design as the electroplated steel can be seperated before discarding this evetually but the products are unique in engineerd design and aesthetically beautiful.

The wine perfector is unique and is quite often referred to as the “7 wonders of wine pouring’-

a. non-drip

b. covers thread of screw tops or badly cut foil

c. steel mesh filters cork/sediment

d. natural aeration due to the uneven ends of the 7 air-tubes in the neck of the perfector

e. pour in any direction

f. air-tight stopper

g. wine tastes better

The champagne set is very beautiful too – please see






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