Make plastic degrade

16 07 2012

The plastic in landfills can be:

a. eliminated (once we realise how bad it is for human health)

b. recycled (we still have plastci in the system and we will still need fossil fuels to make these)


c. We can MODIFY plastic as an interim measure to degrade after use.

Innovasians Ltd is a distributor for an additive added to PE, PP and PS  (these are the abbreviations for Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene)

The additive added to existing plastic production creates degradation after 18 months leaving a biomass – a regular bag/plastci would remain intact after disposal for 400 years!!

To start caring for the environment this is a measure Leisure and Culture, Entertainment, Food Delivery and fast food could start implementing very easily at a very adffordable rate.

2 Recent Clients took delivery of this additive in their plastic bags – they are Tiny Footprints ( and ESF School in Quarry Bay

Congratulations for caring about the environment!




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