Disappointing Hong Kong

16 07 2012

Reading the Sunday Morning Post yesterday about the Dragon Boat Championship races last weekend in Discovery Bay leaving an iconic mess of floating plastic bottles remains one of the most shocking reports …. why do Hong Kong not care? We host the Eco Asia Expo and we could make this the example of green and eco and sustainable, yet we are not pressured to, so we do not care.

It saddens one to think we have been aware of the Gyre for a while and how 4 Vortex’s are somewhere out there in the oceans – ‘plastic proof’ of civilization. Sylvia Earle stresses how this is affecting us in our daily lives as we have created a ‘plastic trash trail’ into our food chain and it is starting to ‘bite’ us badly! We see an increase in desease and the direct link between plastic and health is quite visible nowadays.

Please see the insert on the beautiful maldives and how we humans are affecting it and let’s look at Hong Kong and start the clean-up right here. Please look at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-18073917

It is all about cost and all about profits!

In Hong Kong we use more water per capity than any city in the world …… and when we have an important mainland official arriving we can fill 2 metre high barricades with water to stop the crowds and drain these in the street after the visit of the official. Maybe next time we could use seawater and pump this back to the ocean?

In Hong Kong we can throw away 3000 tonnes of food per day and there is no law against expiry dates on perishables being shortened to increase purchasing and there is now support to feed 20 percent (twenty percent) of Hong Kong living on less that 3ooo Hong Kong dollars a month. Maybe ICAC will look into this going forward? It is corruption after all? Let’s hope for consolidated action to support and sustain the few NGO’s who are redistributing some of this waste.

In Hong Kong we can gasp for air and there is still not yet any intention to decrease the number of private vehicles, improve the flow of traffic through simple synchronization of traffic lights and toll charges to keep heavy duty vehicles to off-peak hours – instead we see an increase in high rises and an increase in Rickshaws and Top Deck tourist transport in Peak hours stifling pedestrians and traffic even more …. maybe we can have a look at better urban and transport planning in the near future?

In Hong Kong we have a high turnover of tenants due to NO rent control and the contriibution of landlords to landfill is not considered for taxation. This could be a very good source of income especially as some landlords have the tendancy to no longer comply to 24 months (12 + 12 months) lease agreements but shorten these to 18 months. Maybe taxation on landlord’s contribution to landfill will and could slow down the turnover of tenants and import ‘care’ back into the lives of Hong Kong.

If we care again – we will take care.

Reminds me of the proverb from the Cree Indians (the largest Native Indian Tribe in North America): “Only when the last tree has died and the last river poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money”





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