Sustainable technology from WHEATSTRAW – 100% biodegradable – make inroads into HK Hospitals

13 07 2012

The Biodegradable wheatstraw technology from Innovasians Ltd Hong Kong is making inroads into hospitals in Hong Kong!!! We are moving forward in Hong Kong!!

The days of collecting, washing and sterilizing bed pans, kidney dishes and food trays in hospitals are OVER! This carbon intensive process with very high replacement cost of the hospital supplies in stainless steeel is over!

The whatstraw replacement is (a) affordable (b) reduce carbon radically as the wheatstraw product is close to carbon neautral, (c) in using straw from the land (that would normally have been burnet) the environment is freed from this release of carbon and (d) after use the product is discarded and is biodegradable.

What a huge advantage this is!

More institutions and organizations in HK as well as the large fast food brands should be forced to look at this solution as the valuable land in Hong Kong cannot be all allocated to landfill.

Wheatstraw is the answer to this problem! as the product biodegrade and leave NO environmental footprint.

I have to congratulate the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong for their vision and action to change – it is time to stop talking and take action and the Hospital Authority is doing exactly that. Congratulations to New Territories East Cluster Procurement Centre for caring about Hong Kong and our future in Hong Kong.





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