Tesla in Hong Kong

14 01 2012

Yesterday I had the priviledge of driving the Tesla in Hong Kong. It is with great pride that I discovered that the Tesla has a South African brain behind it! I really LIKE that (from a fellow-Saffer) and I would like to comment on my drive:

a. the car looks cool and sexy – 10 points

b. On turning the ignition, I could not hear anything – it is so cool and quiet

c. the acceleration is amazing – I pulled out of Le Meridian Hotel in Pokfulam Hong Kong and could not believe how powerful this sexy beautiful car is

d. I pulled in behind a stinking fuming horrible mini-bus going up the hill and casting my eyes over the smog and fumes of the horrible stifling pollution in Hong Kong I dreamt for a minute that all vehicles could essentially be replaced with electric power and we may be able to berathe some in Hong Kong.

e. I slipped back into the parking lot at the Le Leridian and this was a truly amazing ‘kick’ to drive this sexy and super smart Tesla.

The only negative would be that the interior is leather! If the inventor is reading this out there – please be informed – there is amazing technology in beautiful new developments of recyled leather – solvent and chemical free!

A inspiring and stimulating close to a week in Hong Kong. I love the Tesla!





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