One only of three large Hong Kong fast food chains care about packaging

14 01 2012

Innovasians made a breakthorugh with ONE of the 3 large food chains in Hong Kong. The food chain choose to remain anonymous but actually is putting their money where their mouth is. After Innovasians spent 4 years coaching and educating on:

a. Incinerators will not solve the pollution or health threat of our behaviour in Hong Kong

b. Why health? We are eating and disposing of 2 million white CANCER polystyrene boxes every day in HK and we are adding this to landfill and

c. the BENZENE seep into the soil and in addition to us ‘eating’ this stuff

d. we will end up paying for it as it seeps into the water table.

Time to ACTION and one of the chains have seen the light and although there is a lot to do in HK to preserve our health for the future, this is a little milestone.

This box in the picture is made from BAGASSE. What is Bagasse? Bagasse is the fibrous material left after extracting SUGAR from SUGAR CANE. Normally Bagasse is burnt and release loeads of carbon to the environment. This box can be buried in landfill and will biodegrade in less than 180 days (EN13432 compliant) AND is toxin/benzene free.

If washed into the ocean the sea life can eat this as it will not feed the VORTEX. It will disintegrate! It is harmless and it is made from agricultural waste. No incinerators are needed. It does not impact on human or animal life. We clean the environment up while we use it. We have a LOW environmental footprint on the environment.

HKGCC maybe you should write these into your guidelines to reduce the environmental impact on Hong Kong, preserve our health of our people and planet!!




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