Sustainable? iPhone 4 Survives 13,500 Foot Fall – Much To The Surprise Of The Owner

20 07 2011

We’ve all heard stories of people dropping and shattering their iDevices – whether it’s on the ground, in the toilet, on the table, etc. Occurrences of this nature come as no surprise to iDevice users as you’re always bound to know someone who has. But do many people know of or have seen an iPhone 4 that has survived a deathly fall? That would be impressive to say the least.

CNN reports that a skydiver’s recent dive could have been the end to his iPhone 4 – but surprisingly enough, it overcame “great heights.” Jarrod McKinney, a 37 year old from Minnesota, submitted a report to iReport of CNN saying that his iPhone 4 survived a drop of 13,500 ft. after he accidentally dropped it. His unzipped pocket of his skydiving gear was a mistake that would send his iPhone 4 diving to the earth – with no parachute. Expecting to never find it again, McKinney was surprised that he was able to track his device using a GPS application. McKinney found his device sitting on a two-story building near where he landed with his parachute shortly after. Just as a joke, he decided to try to call someone from his shattered phone – and it worked! Even though the phone’s screen was entirely shattered, he had no problem using cellular data service for phone calls and the like.

One might be surprised that this feat could be accomplished. Mike Gikas of Consumer Reports, a company that specializes in testing products (especially in durability) stated that something of this nature could happen. His only comment on the possibility was:

Quote Originally Posted by Mike Gikas;
I think water is harder to deal with than shock.

The iPhone did however have minimal protection – an Incipio iPhone case. When the phone was found, the case was completely broken but still connected to the phone. Although the screen is totally busted, McKinney does plan on replacing the screen and will continue to use his iPhone 4 for more years to come (unless his next “phone diving” mistake is above 13,500 ft.).




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