Portable and Flexible Power Sources

20 07 2011


Solar energy has been identified as a great source for seeking alternative energy. However, without the necessary solar panels, you may find soliciting power from it a bit hard. Normally you would find them installed on one place but if these creations by Vladimir Bulovic are any indication, we may just have power right at the palm of our hands.

These are flexible solar cells that should be handy to have along. They have the ability to absorb energy from the sun and can be easily folded. Paper or cloth can be used as the base for the cells to be printed on, making it an ideal solution for people who need energy wherever they may be. All they would need is a ray of sunlight and they are good to go. With these flexible solar cells, you are bound to have all the power you would need for gadgets or other devices that would need recharging.




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