19 07 2011



Congratulation to Tuffy Manufacturing (PTY) Ltd.; a plastic film product manufacturer located at Cape Town, for being the first organization in South Africa to complete SGS newly developed sustainable service on recycling process review. The revision of the first Tuffy’s recycled product is refuse bag where it is molded from recycled plastics materials (LDPE, HDPE) and those recycling materials are collected from local suppliers. During the on-site visit, our SGS team went through the overall Tuffy’s and its suppliers’ process to ensure the reliability of recycled materials – this included the stages of plastic scrap recycling, sorting, cleaning, pelletizing, plastic film extrusion. Tuffy Manufacturing (PTY), Cape Town, South Africa And finally the collections of the samples were sent for laboratory to ensure its physical properties. Since Tuffy approached to establish their sustainability images within the industry and the market long ago, in 2007 they have already started using recycling materials as raw materials for manufacturing. In 2011, by using the services of recycling process review that would further enhance the visibility of the recycled materials used in the product and to ensure the process transparency as well as identifying areas for subsequence improvement. Moreover, as a pioneer in innovative approach, this would further outstand their role on sustainable within the industry and benefit with a better engagement with the buyers / retailers. RECYCLING FOR A BETTER FUTURE To conserve our natural environment, recycling process is not just simply a matter of materials usage; in fact, it refers to the effectiveness of balancing the waste and natural resources for future generation. At SGS, we aim to provide different sustainable solutions to suit your local & overseas business, governments and institutions for balancing the benefit between People, Plant and Profit. Refuse Bag from recycling materials




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