Healthy and polystyrene free “fast food” in Hong Kong?

18 07 2011




In Hong Kong– did you know?  

Cantopop is a true representation of this eating culture – a complete fusion of menu items and ambience loved by generations that has manifested into a flavorsome facet of contemporary Hong Kong living. The twist – locally-sourced, low-carbon, hormone-free meat and poultry, and organic vegetables. Homemade and MSG-free. Gone are the days of dining on cha chan tang ‘junk food’.

IHM initiative – brings clean, all-natural produce from local farms toHong Kong’s tables and will be the exclusive supplier of produce to Cantopop.

Walk into a current interpretation of street food hawkers with concrete breeze blocks and an open kitchen.

Walk into a current interpretation of street food hawkers with concrete breeze blocks and an open kitchen. Colorful art-pop graphics jolt the senses into tuning in – these are modern times. And this is Cantopop, a ‘cha chan tang’ that pays homage to the much-lovedHong Kongculinary culture with similar food and service while representing today’s values about nutrition and the environment.

Each dish uses clean, chemical- and MSG-free ingredients sourced locally where possible AND NO polystyrene for take-away meals!!!! What a novelty forHong Kong!

All noodles are freshly hand-made. All stock is derived from real pork or chicken bones and organic vegetables. All pastry is made in-store without ammonium bicarbonate.

Cantopop’s 4 Cs

Consciousness – Of the world we live in…
They use locally grown, organic hand-picked produce to minimize their carbon footprint, sustainable seafood, and all-natural meats, rice and pasta.

Customer – Central to all that we stand for…
A no service charge policy says to our staff — tips are earned, not owed. And to our guests — gratuities are deserved, not expected.

Commitment – To our own people…

Training programs and interactive learning are tangible forms of motivation, cultivation and inspiration — bound together by daily team meals and distribution of pooled tips.

Community – Involving it, growing it, and giving back…
Their sponsorships and partnerships are with NGOs, and extend to neighborhood activities and initiatives.




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