Orange UK’s new T-shirts can power your mobile devices, with sound!

23 06 2011

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 03:52 PM PDT

In case you are wondering, these are not mouse pads that these people have on their T-shirts. This is Orange UK’s new technology, and it could be what you need to charge your mobile device.

It does so using piezoelectrics with the absorption of vibration from sound. I going out on a limb here and guess that the white pads on the belly are “sound sponges”. I would also imagine that this technology is highly effective if you are in the front row of a concert. Yes, now you can text and take pics all you want while the deep bass powers your mobile device.

Orange UK designed this sound battery T-Shirt for the Glastonbury Festival, and I’m sure it will make quite a splash there. I like the idea of being able to charge a mobile device on something that I am already wearing anyway. I’m guessing it could be made slightly less garish.

The one thing that I have noticed about T-shirts, is they never mix well with technology. I remember going to a convention and some people walked around with LCD screens on their T-shirts. You think that would be cool, but it wasn’t. The LCD screens were really stiff compared to T-shirt fabric, and the shirts only played one video clip that got annoying after just five minutes.




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