Ooooooooops! I am sorry…………………..The Eco Asia Expo in Hong Kong is not that Eco!!!

11 06 2011

 Hi guys – I need some support – the Eco Asia Expo apparantly is not green:
Can we join forces to please get them to be green conscious if they are ‘the largest Eco event in Asia’?
This is the typical scenario where no one is taking accountability and points the finger at the next one:

a. EPD supports the event and was happy with off-sett…ing. What is the role of EPD to guide HKTDC to improve targets for the next event. Is off-setting for the next 10 years all that can be done?

b. The HKTDC hosts this event as the ‘biggest eco event in Asia’ – that means they endorse the event as being big in ‘eco’. What does this mean? That we are supporting the growth of knowledge and awareness of the event and that we are ‘walking our talk’.

The HKTDC told me their Carbon footprint was ‘low’ but could not certify or copy me on anything as ‘all was confidential’

c. I then got a call from Messe Frankfurt – a large body and a big player in global fairs and the representative was telling me they do not have a waste management system, thsy did a carbon footprint some time ago and that ‘ the information was confidential’

d. So I ask myself, when are we in Hong Kong:

– going to action the fact that we do not have waste management?

– are we just going to continue to issue millions of PVC fair entrance passes that are thrown away after each fair

– throw away carpets and banners and partitions after every fair

– continue to serve meals in these venues in massive volumes of polystyrene

– continue to hand out millions of trees in the form of fliers and brochures and flyers
to visitors to fairs in cheap plastic bags and PP woven bags that is generally WRONGLY sold in our supermarkets as ‘eco-friendly bags’ and ends up in landfills

– walk away from all of the above with a mere statement to ‘off-set’ some carbon somewhere!!!

It is not enough to manage carbon if and when it pleases us, We are swimming in refuse!! Are we just planning more incinerators on another island instead of looking at our waste management in this once lovely city! Thinex, the sustainability subcommittee of the HKGCC are in a position to lay down the guidelines. We can clearly not wait for the EPD or the HKTDC. I look forward to more support and to participate in ACTION that will make a difference to Hong Kong!




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