New Innovasians product – made from straw and totally biodegradable

22 05 2011

Contact – should you be interested in more informetion.

What is the product about?:

Straw comes from the fields after the wheat is harvested. This product is an agricultural waste product in China based on a Canadian patented technology. The product is 60% straw and is converted to food containers replacing polystyrene that are totally toxin free and 100% biodegradable. The true benefit of these products over polystyrene is that there is NO release of toxins during manufacturing or use, no petroleum based raw materials are used and the product is made from agricultural waste cleaning up the environment. The products are currently used successfully in Hong Kong by City Super, Japan Home Store, as well as GREAT supermarket. The containers can be re-used and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Why do we need to replace polystyrene?

It has been hypothesized that environmental exposure to synthetic estrogenic chemicals and related endocrine-active compounds may be responsible for a global decrease in sperm counts, decreased male reproductive capacity, and breast cancer in women. Any green worth his or her salt knows that polystyrene is bad for the environment: but also know that it isn’t so great for your health either. Plastics marked with the recycling code 6, for polystyrene, can be fashioned into soft or rigid foams, and are in common use. Not only do they require petroleum to make, but they take eons to break down in the environment. But what you might not know is that polystyrene can also release potentially toxic breakdown products (including styrene), particularly when heated! If you don’t want harmful chemicals leaching into your food or drink, even at low concentrations, choose ceramic, glass (recycled), paper or safer plastics like numbers 1, 2 or 5.

Product comparison with Polystyrene:

Who is using it?

City Super is using it and a few retail brands are seeeling it.

How do we care for it?

More images:




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