Krones concentrates on six-packs

19 05 2011

Anton Steeman | 18 May, 2011 at 5:01 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

I just pick one item from their stand to highlight. It’s a development the people of Krones are very proud of and indeed it’s something special. Krones claims it to be the only one technology of its kind in the world. The new system joins six bottles and reduces the amount of waste usually needed for the secondary packaging by 75%.

As we all know, the shrink-pack is the most commonly used form of secondary packaging for PET containers. Shrink-film, however, requires fossil raw materials for its manufacture, and, moreover, the shrink-on process in the shrink tunnel consumes a relatively high quantity of energy.
The goal was to create a resource-economical alternative to film-wrapped shrink-packs, a complete pack system including the packaging and the associated machinery. Krones tapped into already proven strapping technology and used with success in other sectors, thus creating a completely new packaging design for PET containers, baptized the LitePac.

This entirely new packaging design addresses market trends for secondary packaging of PET containers, in regard to eco-compatibility, resource-economy, reduced energy consumption and cost savings, and can be marked as a concept of the future.
The requisite technology is provided by the newly developed Evolite packer, comprising a container infeed module and a container strapping module. In the infeed module, the containers are divided into two continuous lane flows. Four strapping units then create the LitePac packs in the container strapping module. Watch also the video.





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