Solio’s New Bolt Solar Charger Packs Power In A Tiny Package

5 04 2011

Images via Solio

We haven’t heard much about new solar chargers coming from Solio — probably because the one they came up with a few years ago has been a crowd-pleaser. But the company has just announced the “Bolt,” a tiny and adorable little charger that can sit in your window like a picture frame.

According to Solio, the Bolt needs about 8-10 hours of sunlight to charge a battery for a small handheld device like an MP3 player or GPS unit to full — that’s pretty normal for a charger this small. Also, it can hold two full charges for most cell phones in its back-up battery. Here are the details for what it can charge:

1 full Bolt battery provides the following power: 9 hours 50 min. of additional talk time on an iPhone 4 9 hours 10 min of additional talk time on a Motorola Droid 7 hours of additional talk time on a HTC EVO 86 hours or music or 15 hours of video based on iPod Touch 4th Gen 5 hours 20 min. of additional operation time based on a Garmin Nuvi 850

Not too bad for a tiny device that sits like a picture frame on a desk. It won’t be available until July or August of this year (great timing for summer sunshine).




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