Polystyrene (white lunch boxes) in Hong Kong

14 03 2011

Sustaintologist – 14 March 2011

Every day in Hong Kong at least 2 million lunches are delivered in Hong Kong…………… in polystyrene……….(the whte stuff)

You can stand on any street corner in Hong Kong between 11am and 2pm and you will see cycles and delivery staff running and walking with rice boxes and noodle bowls. The lovely white stuff that we all know:

a. affects our health

b. affects the food in the container negatively (sometimes the samoosa burns through the polystyrene or the or the fried rice melts into the polystyrene ……)

c. and we will pay the price for our health.

Why is nobody saying anything? The Dai Pa Dongs will not change as the large chains of fast food restairants (the ‘M” and the “F”) will not change. The “M” na d The “F” wigh increased cost in packaging up against YOUR health!

Every lunchtime in Hong Kong more than 2 million pieces of polystyrene is discarded and goes to the landfill. Another 2 million pieces of  refuse that seeps benzene into the soil and the water table and will make us pay with our health.

Why are we not changing this? Why are we rather looking at an incinerator to born to post consumer waste. Surely, eliminating the ‘white stuff’ that it is not used will eliminate the need for an incinerator?




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