A polystyrene ricebox increases the chances of cancer…………..

1 09 2010

What is it with Hong Kong people?

We know that eating from polystyrene is toxic – yet the amount of polystyrene we ‘consume’ every lunchtime in Hong Kong is ataggering!

We fill the landfills with polystyrene …………this seeps benzene amongst others into the soil, which seeps into the food chain of us humans.

What is the danger of a polystyrene lunchbox then?

Facts about Styrofoam/Polystyrene


Styrofoam is a trademark of the Dow Company, but the material itself is called polystyrene. Like so many other plastics, it’s all around us – very commonly used in packing material in food trays and a wide variety of other products – even explosives such as napalm and hydrogen bombs!
The bad news is that polystyrene is manufactured from petroleum. It’s highly flammable and a chemical called benzene, which is a known human carcinogen (chemical which can cause cancer), is used in its production. Polystyrene foam, used commonly as padding in appliance packaging, takes an incredibly long time to break down in the environment and additionally, animals may ingest it which blocks their digestive tracts and ultimately causes starvation.
Given the nature of polystyrene, it’s surprising that such an energy intensive, oil sucking and toxic substance is allowed to be use as packaging for food; particularly for items such as meat where the food has direct contact with it. Nearly two dozen cities in the world have banned the use of polystyrene for this purpose.



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