UK: Hanger4life launches eco-friendly hanger range

4 08 2010

By: | 3 August 2010

UK company Hanger4life claims to have come up with the world’s first clothes hanger range with a zero carbon footprint.

The Worcester-based business says conventional hangers create millions of tonnes of carbon each year, but the new range could save retailers money and improve their environmental credentials.

The patented design has adjustable non-slip arms, optional skirt clips and a non-slip trouser bar, allowing each hanger to fit every item of clothing.

The child variant allows a fit for clothing from birth to adult, while the adult option extends to all clothes sizes, Hanger4life claims.

This, it adds, would allow one Hanger4life hanger to replace four standard models, optimising showroom display and reducing variables by 75%.

Following pilot tests with a top three UK retailer, the company said it had saved 30% on purchase costs and 20% on distribution and inventory expenses, as well as potentially releasing GBP4m (US$6.4m) of retail space.

“Both the cost savings and reduced carbon impact make this the most sustainable and cost-effective hanger range,” said Nick Lewis, Hanger4life managing director.

“Clothes hangers have presented a big challenge to retailers’ eco-credentials, as well as creating a problem in terms of supply and disposal.”

Please see the range here:




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