Financial crisis and consumer behaviour

23 06 2010

Has the financial crisis created a paradigm shift in the behaviour of consumers, retailers and brands?

just-style’s latest report answers this question by predicting tomorrow’s clothing retail market. This think-piece report is about the whole of clothing retail, now and in the future. Find out where the consumers’ money will be spent.

It answers the question by providing:

* the nature of the luxury, mass and value markets, with the use of price-fashion matrices;
* the economics of the apparel market, with the use of luxury, mass and value cost structures;
* the segments of the apparel market, with the use of merchandise categories, fashionability and price points;
* a hypothesis for the future and an analysis of four major issues: polarisation, e-commerce, green and supply chain;
* a forecast of future hotspots by merchandise categories, fashionability, price points and regions.

With historic and forecast % share of the global clothing retail market by clothing segment and price point, this study provides an essential insight into how the recent downturn has left the world clothing retail industry, its effects and where the industry will likely head out to 2016.




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