Opel flextreme Gt/E Concept

11 03 2010

Still green

This is another concept car, which has the specificity to be Hybrid. what is Hybrid?

Hybrid it’s pretty simple to understand. you’ve got an electric motor and a normal motor. The electric motor is supposed to help the normal motor, and even if you can drive just by using the electric motor, it’s not the casual way to use your Hybrid car. Since the release of the Prius Toyota, the number of Hybrid cars in our street have rocketed. But is it a surprise? people are being conscious of what happened to our planet, and they want to change things. Moreover people are usually feeling guilty about what they see on television about the global warming. Because everybody have participated to this global warming, by taking the car when they could have walked, by letting the light on during the day etc…

I know I’ve posted a lot of pages on Hybrid and electrical cars, but let me explains why. We know that petrol are running down every minutes, and the car is what use most of the petroleum. So we need to find a solution and this kind of cars could be one.

Now let speak a bit about the car, the Opel (Vauxhall for the UK) is a well designed car which can go to 200 km/H and you can do 100 km with only 1,6 L of fuel. so as you can see this car is made for the future and to protect our environment.




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